Ports Australia is the peak body representing the interests of port and marine authorities in Australia. It has been in existence in one form or another since 1916 when the first interstate harbour conference was held in Melbourne.

Ports Australia changed its name from The Association of Australian Port & Marine Authorities Inc (AAPMA) in October 2007. In February 2009 Ports Australia changed its corporate structure and became a public company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001.

The mission statement, objectives and set of priority areas which guide the work program of Ports Australia are regularly reviewed to ensure that the organisation best meets the needs of all members.

Ports Australia has a Council comprising all full subscription paying members. This Council elects a Board which addresses key governance and strategic policy matters. The Board elects the Chairman.

The current Chairman is Paul Weedon (Tasmanian Ports Corporation) and the Deputy Chair is Chris Leatt-Hayter (Fremantle). The other Board members are Grant Gilfillan (Port Authority of NSW), Terry O'Connor (Darwin), Roy Cummins (Brisbane), Roger Johnston (Pilbara Ports), Chris Boland (Ports North), Marika Calfas (NSW Ports), Brendan Bourke (Melbourne) and Stewart Lammin (Flinders). Ports Australia embraces the principle of broad representation of the interests of its members on the Board. The next election for office bearers will be held at the Annual General Meeting in 2018.

Ports Australia has a Secretariat headed by the Chief Executive Officer, Michael Gallacher, who was appointed in April 2017.


Most government owned ports, some privatised ports and most state marine regulatory authorities are members of Ports Australia, as is the Department of Defence through the Royal Australian Navy.

Value of Membership

Membership of Ports Australia gives access to all information on, and participation in, discussions on a wide range of policy and technical issues of common interest and the ability to influence agendas and contribute to ensuring that Members’ interests are protected. We strongly believe that a co-ordinated and considered approach to common issues in the areas that our Members represent leads to more efficient and acceptable outcomes rather than piecemeal approaches. Ports Australia is well recognised as an effective and responsible contributor to debates on national issues at the federal level in Australia, and also at the international level through our active participation in IAPH.