Posted by on 11 December 2014

Industrial action by the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) against DP World Australia in support of their 2014 Enterprise Agreement claims has created severe disruptions across port facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle.

Chief Executive Officer of Ports Australia, David Anderson, has condemned the MUA’s industrial action, saying it would have significant economic consequences at one of the busiest times of the year.

“This action is unwarranted and it is extreme. It has created unprecedented scheduling disruptions across our networks in the lead up to the Christmas period,” said Mr Anderson today.

After a year of negotiation, DP World Australia has offered their employees a pay rise of three times that given to the Australian Defence Force and two times CPI.

Consistent with the current offer, wages at DP World Australia have been above CPI for over a decade. Due to the current industrial action, workers will unfortunately not receive a pay rise before Christmas.

“After eight separate settlement offers and now industrial action, the MUA have left DP World with little option but to close their terminals over the period of this action,” said Mr Anderson.

“As the economy undergoes significant structural adjustment, waterfront disputes such as this undermine the international competitiveness of Australia’s ports.

“This type of action is typical of wharf labour demanding increases in pay and conditions unheard of in any other industry and I would urge the MUA to consider the impacts on their members and the industry of their unreasonable demands,” Mr Anderson said.