Beach Enrichment Project

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March 14, 2019
Over many years, the coastal environment of Mid West Ports has seen dynamic changes in coastal cycles. Adapting to coastal changes is necessary to ensure the easy access to Ports and avoid adverse affects to marine life.

Erosion is an ongoing concern for coastal Australia and all our Ports.

Mid West Ports Authority in partnership with the City of Greater Geraldton, has mapped the various impacts of coastal erosion and the importance of planning controls to meet those various potential impacts. MWPA now annually complete beach nourishment works across several of Geraldton’s northern beaches and continues to monitor their outcomes. They have formed the Northern Beaches Stabilisation Programme (NBSP), aiming to return the beaches to equilibrium. Over 12 years they have delivered an impressive 150,000m3 of sand from Pages Beach to offset erosion.

Putting sand into the system provides the northern beaches with a natural resistance to erosion and enhances community amenity. The sand is sourced as a short-term solution to the rapid build up of sand near the fishing boat harbour entrance. This accumulation has affected the aquaculture industry that thrives there and may impact on the entrance to the channel. The NBSP provides a solution to this, as well as nourishing the northern beaches to vitalise their communities.

Mid West Ports’ dedication to coastal preservation displays the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals:

13- Climate Action

15- Life on Land

17- Partnerships for the goals

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