Leading Practice: Port & Supply Chain Protection Current Practice & Future Opportunities

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June 5, 2019

This report focuses on the specific need for enhanced protection of port facilities, freight nodes and infrastructure corridors leading to and from our national seaports. This protection is critical for the safe and efficient operation of these nodes of economic activity. It is also fundamental for improved land use and environmental outcomes for our towns and cities around the nation.

This paper was commissioned by Ports Australia, in partnership with the Western Australian Freight and Logistics Council (WAFLC) and Ports WA to:

  • broaden the discussion and capture the benefits of port, freight and corridor protection;
  • build upon the work already underway in Western Australia by the WAFLC and Ports WA regarding critical protection issues;
  • showcase several domestic and international protection initiatives;
  • demonstrate the need for coordinated action across a range of transport and public policy areas; and
  • provide a series of recommendations for policy makers using practical (and proven) policy and regulatory options.

The paper does not include a prescriptive regulatory assessment of every state and territory in Australia. Rather, it concludes with a set of recommendations for use by each jurisdiction in their forward management and governance work.

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