National Freight Data Hub: Options Discussion Paper

Posted on
December 15, 2021

As the peak body for ports in Australia, Ports Australia is keen to ensure that ports, governments, industry, and the public can access appropriate data on freight. Enabling appropriate data access will allow for increased understanding of the prior and current states, and better equip all to make informed decisions and forecasts related to ports and supply chains in Australia.

Ports Australia welcomes the development of the National Freight Data Hub (NFDH), however considers it imperative that the scope and vision of the Hub is further clarified beyond the enduring questions and data priorities. To assist with ensuring clarity of scope, a framework which maps the role and scope of the NFDH with industry, and national and jurisdictional government freight data collections and data sharing tools that are in place or being considered is necessary e.g. the National Single Window, Trade Community System. Once this framework has been developed, and the vision and scope further clarified, this should be shared with industry and further consultation conducted to allow for the most appropriate product to be developed.

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