Non-Cargo Liquid Transfer Practices In Australian Ports

Posted on
June 5, 2019

Port Managers have a responsibility to their local communities to ensure that operational activities in their ports are conducted in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.

Non-Cargo Liquid Transfer operations between ship/shore and barge/road tankers should be carefully planned and conducted in a safe and controlled environment. Port Managers may audit and monitor the systems that ships, berth operators, bunker fuel suppliers, waste and other liquid transfer operators have in place that are commensurate with this “Non-Cargo Liquid Transfer Practices” document to prevent the escape of product into the air, land, marine or river systems.

This can be achieved through the following strategic objectives:

  • Infrastructure and work systems in place
  • Trained staff undertaking the operation
  • Facilitating the transfer operation
  • Monitoring the safe and effective progression of the transfer operation
  • A coordinated reporting system

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