Port Capacity Project

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March 14, 2019

The Port of Melbourne has recently finished its Port Capacity Project which was Australia’s largest infrastructure project at the time. A project of this size presents significant sustainability and community challenges.

The $1.6 billion redevelopment of the Port incorporated key sustainability objectives across all aspects of the Project’s planning,delivery and management. The development was guided by the Australian Green Infrastructure Council to ensure alignment with sustainability, environmental,social, economic and governance principles. It followed a strict Environmental Management Plan. This Plan directed policy for the protection of marine life, natural land and local communities. Its key ecological impacts included the consideration of natural saltmarsh and seagrass, the removal of which had the potential to disrupt the habitat of waterbirds. It also included social impacts, such as the noise and vibrations, air pollution and visual construction on the local community.

The Port Capacity Project represents Ports’ commitment to sustainability and the creation of strategic facilities that have a long term and international vision.

This vision included an adherence to the consideration of:

-         PLANET: Protection of the environment through managing climate change risks; protect critical infrastructure for road, rail and sea channels; protecting marine and surrounding environments

-         PROSPERITY: Economic development through suitable work conditions; clean energy transition; facilitate economic growth; harmonization between business and community living

-         PARTNERSHIPS:Working towards positive change with strong partnerships by forming multi-layer partnerships with governments and the community; ensuring compliance with ever changing regulations, industry trends and community requirements; protect and secure our nationally significant infrastructure

-         PEOPLE: Engagement through providing safe and healthy port communities

The Project directly created 700 jobs, as well as innovating procedures for container handling and transport logistics. Project was awarded the 2017 Australian Construction Achievement Award for its construction expertise,including its delivery of safe working practices, environmental controls and durable infrastructure.

The Port Capacity Project can be commended for its alignment to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals:

7- Affordable and Clean Energy

8- Decent Work and Economic Growth

9- Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

13- Climate Action

17- Partnerships for the Goals

Our Future Goals:
Further investigate alternative engineering approaches to dredging whenever possible.

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