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Ports Australia Congratulates Marika Calfas For National Recognition

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March 13, 2019

Ports Australia has today congratulated Markia Calfas for her work and recognition of her leadership in the infrastructure sector at the National Infrastructure Awards.

Hosted by Infrastructure Partnerships Australia, the Women’s Achievement in Infrastructure Award recognises a female in the sector who has consistently made a significant contribution to the development, construction or procurement of infrastructure and services.

Ports Australia CEO, Mike Gallacher, said, “Marika is an incredible leader and thinker in our sector and is well deserving of accolades like this award.

“The knowledge Marika brings to our organisation is invaluable and I would personally thank her for the work she has put into Ports Australia and the sector.”

“Marika has much more to offer and we all look forward to working with her to improve a sector that is so vital to Australian’s and their way of life.”

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia Chief Executive Adrian Dwyer said that “Every year, this award attracts a number of impressive nominees who are making significant contributions to our sector.

“Marika is leading the reform of the sector through her involvement on the National Freight and Supply Chain Inquiry and brings great discipline and leadership to an extremely complex policy area.

“Marika has developed an outstanding reputation across both the public and private sectors for her innovative thinking, professionalism and dedication to delivering world-class services to the people of NSW,” Adrian Dwyer concluded.

Marika is also a Board member of Australian Logistics Council, PIANC Australia and is also a member of the IPA National Advisory Board.

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