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Ports Australia continues work with industry and government to keep Coronavirus out

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February 7, 2020

Ports Australia has shared a busy few weeks with industry and government ensuring Australia and its maritime industry don’t fall victim to a Coronavirus epidemic. We’ve been working with our members, other industry leaders, and government non-stop on how we best protect our borders and workers.

The Coronavirus situation has proven to us again how valuable the diversity of our members’ industry knowledge is. With a threat of national concern, we sought to pull out every stop and apply every resource that could assist in the collective effort:

• We were fortunate to utilise the practical knowledge held by the Chair of our Port Operations working group, John Finch. His years of experience at Pilbara Ports and willingness to share his operational knowledge was worth gold when we brought him into conversations between industry and government.

• All information from government was filtered down through our networks of relevant working groups so those operating in specialist roles at ports could continue their duties with the necessary measures in place.

• For one of the first times since their signing, we were able to share knowledge across the region with our Pacific port members and learn from the measures they were taking.

CEO, Mike Gallacher thanked all involved for their contribution but reminded that the effort isn’t over.

“There will always be a balancing act in these scenarios with the port sector to maintain the flow of the supply-chain which our nation would stop without. However, that doesn’t come without the focus of protecting our maritime workers, as well as Australia’s borders from threats like the Coronavirus.

“The concern of the Coronavirus does not undermine our ports’ constant focus on biosecurity but reinforces it, affirming how essential it is for an island nation which relies on trade and tourism. It’s vital we remember that while the industry should be proud of their persistent efforts over the last few weeks, vigilance will be key to keep operations running safely and smoothly.

“The Coronavirus has shown our industry’s resilience and understanding of urgent action needed to protect our borders, workers, and nation,” Mike concluded.

Ports Australia will continue to share all relevant information from government departments, which is available across our website and all social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). The latest information from government can be found on our website:


Media: Josh Appleton – E:, P: 02 2947 7581

Ports Australia is the peak industry body representing port authorities and corporations, both publicly and privately owned, at the national level.

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