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May 10, 2023

There was confirmation of $0.6 million for the creation of a national action plan to reduce maritime emissions but Ports Australia has suggested more funding will be required to see the project through.  

Ports Australia CEO, Mike Gallacher has expressed his satisfaction with this announcement, stating that the Australian Government's initial investment in such a plan is a positive development.  

He also pointed out that the Australian maritime industry has already been actively working on reducing emissions and that the government will need to consider the efforts already made by ports, shipping lines, and other service providers. 

The Australian Government is also committing an additional $1.0 billion over 4 years from2023–24 to meet its election commitment to strengthen Australia’s biosecurity system.  

Ports Australia look forward to further discussions with the Government on their undertakings to fund biosecurity for the future.   

“Sustainable funding of our nation’s biosecurity measures needs to focus on those responsible for sending the potential risk to our shores. Whether its foreign car manufacturers leaving vehicles sitting idly in paddocks before shipment; overseas based exporters packing a container full of goods to send to Australia or individuals seeking to import into our country products such as meats, fruit, or vegetables. They are all seeking to profit from demand in the Australian market and they need to understand we all take the protection of Australian fauna and flora seriously,” Mr Gallacher said.  

Ports Australia eagerly anticipates further information regarding these budget allocations.  

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