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Ports Australia welcomes self-isolation requirements, continues work with industry and government on managing COVID-19

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March 18, 2020

Ports Australia is maintaining constant dialogue with government and industry to ensure the necessary measures are in place to keep Australia’s people safe and its trade flowing. The recent announcements regarding self-isolation requirements are welcomed as they enhance the measures our ports have been adhering to in past months.

We are fortunate to inform there have been no reported major disruptions to operations at the port gate and no port staff amongst our membership who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. This is indicative of our ports’ proactiveness in liaising with their relevant authorities to assess risk before implementing necessary restrictions, so their operations continue safely and securely.

Our membership is constantly sharing a wealth of operational knowledge which we’re able to inject into conversations with government to inform their policy-making, and our input has been at its strongest approaching these most recent announcements.

CEO, Mike Gallacher reflected on why we’re working so hard to protect our ports and how we’ve been able to do that with government.

“Ports are the freight enablers – they are in the middle between the vessel and the Australian people and they control the logistics which dictate where and when that freight moves. That’s why – especially as we stare down the COVID-19 pandemic – it’s absolutely essential we keep our port staff safe, because without them we lose the livelihood of our people through goods coming and the wealth of our nation through goods going out.

“Our already-close relationship with government departments and authorities set up a strong line of communication from the outset of COVID-19 and we thank those agencies for keeping the voice of our ports industry heard through Ports Australia.

“We’ll be continuing those discussions with government to guarantee whatever measures are in place ensure there are no weak links along our borders or supply chain, and that any changes to those measures are not a weakening but a mere reflection of what needs to be done to maintain the protection of Australia.

“I urge community groups around ports who have concerns relating to COVID-19 to raise them with their relevant authorities, but to rest assured knowing our ports are carrying out all necessary safety measures which have been set out by government authorities before any trade continues,” Mike ended.

For health information on COVID-19, visit the Department of Health website. For information relating to ports, maritime or trade, we've collated government resources here.

See Australian Border Force's announcement below:

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