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November 30, 2022

Ports Australia launched the updated Wharf Structures Condition Assessment Manual (WSCAM) at the General Meeting in Canberra yesterday.

Members of Ports Australia, along with Royal Haskoning DHV have worked collaboratively over the past year to produce the updated version.

The manual is a tool to help asset owners with consistent and repeatable inspections of a wide range of asset types including but not limited to wharves, piers, jetties, walkways, breakwaters, revetments, embankments, and other fixed assets. It contains a condition inspection framework and visual assessment tool, both of which are flexible for user customisation.


Ports Australia CEO, Mike Gallacher said the Wharf Structures Condition Assessment Manual has been created to assist those within the port and maritime industry to maintain their static assets.


“However, the WSCAM isn’t only for the port and terminal industry. This tool can be used across a range of other industries such as engineering firms, local councils, and State Government departments,” said Mr Gallacher.

After speaking with asset owners and inspectors the WSCAM was recently updated to:

  • Expand the scope of the Manual to all port fixed structures excluding buildings.
  • Rationalise inspection approaches resulting in a single assessment tool that is     flexible for user customisation.
  • Provide guidance on a risk/criticality-based approach to determine the frequency of inspections.
  • Cover more materials and technology used in assessments.


The benefit of using the WSCAM is that inspection results are consistent and repeatable. Without the WSCAM, one might have 10 inspectors assess the same structure and there could be eight different assessments, depending on their experience and expertise. With example imagery and formulae for calculations, assessments can be made more consistent.

This is the power of the WSCAM, it can deliver consistent inspection results of your assets even considering a variability of different inspectors.

Ports Australia Engineering and Asset Management Chair, Carsten Varming said for businesses investing in a tool like the WSCAM, is a no brainer.

“This allows businesses to be more sustainable. It helps keeps existing assets functioning for longer avoiding unnecessary replacements which reduces environmental, operational, and capital impacts and is in turn more economical for businesses”, said Mr Varming.

Regardless of being made in Australia, the WSCAM can be utilised around the world independent of one’s geographic location, having been tried and tested in locations with completely opposite climate and variables.

To find our more how the WSCAM can assist you and your business Ports Australia will be hosting a series of free webinars. Register your interest here.

The WSCAM can be purchased via or for more information email


Media: Imogen Posa | 0400 903 576 |

*Vision here and photos attached, picture 1 Carsten Varming presenting at Ports Australia General Meeting, picture 1, Marika Calfas, NSW Ports CEO, Carsten Varming, Ports Australia Engineering and Asset Management Working Group Chair, Mike Gallacher, Ports Australia CEO, Stewart Lammin, Ports Australia Chair.

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