Maritime skills

Government position

  • The Australian government supports skilled work through the promotion of certain occupations and education offerings, targeted and/or subsidised education offerings, and support of migrant programs.

Where does Ports Australia stand?

  • Ports Australia recommends enhanced government support of maritime skills through maritime education offerings and skilled migrant programs.
  • Many maritime workers are highly skilled professionals, including but not limited to, pilots, towage operators, linesmen, hydrographic surveyors, stevedores and vessel traffic service operators. Due to the specific knowledge required in these roles and a ports function being contingent on having these personnel, it is critical that there are sufficient maritime professionals for the sector.
  • Australian ports invest significant time and money in cadetships, apprenticeships, and personnel development for onshore and offshore maritime roles.
  • One higher education maritime institute exists in Australia, the Australian Maritime College, with another institute to be established in the coming years by the Pilbara Ports Authority.

Media Release

Ports Australia releases Coastal Shipping Factsheet

Ports Australia has released its Coastal Shipping Factsheet, an analysis paper on the current state of coastal shipping around Australia and its potential for the future of our supply chain.

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