Our Policies

Three policies that focus on Australia's future, ensuring we have the capacity to compete in an evolving world while protecting the quality of life Australians enjoy.

Our ideas for how Ports can help build a better Australia

Australia is an island nation with over 98 per cent of its trade moving through our sea Ports along the Blue Highway, fully utilising and connecting Ports  will help all Australians.

Any policy that increases or inhibits the ability of Ports to operate efficiently and for Australian businesses and households to connect to Ports has a direct impact on the economy and cost of living.

The policy platform is made up of three key positions that if enabled would permit Ports to operate more efficiently helping Australian businesses connect the world, improve livability for Australians and ensure we have a skilled workforce to handle our economy into the future. These positions are Building Maritime Skills, Australia's Blue Highway and Improving Lives Through Connected Ports.

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Building maritime skills

Ports need Australians with expert maritime skills to operate. Australia is an island nation with over 98% of its trade moving by sea equating to around $1.2 billion of trade goods moving through our Ports every day.  

If we do not find a solution to Australia’s maritime skills shortage this country will not have the skilled personnel to operate it’s most vital trade and economic infrastructure.

How do we fix the skills shortage?

The Geelong port team after collecting waste
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Using Australia's Blue Highway

Australia's Blue Highway is our seaways surrounding the country connecting cities and towns nationwide to each other and the world.

A straightforward way to manage Australia's future freight task is to ensure that we are optimising our available freight networks.

What are the benefits of the Blue Highway?

The Geelong port team after collecting waste
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Improving lives by connecting Ports

A lot of Australia's freight travels to or from a Port at some point. And over 80% of the freight arriving or leaving the Port does so by road.

Better connecting Ports means looking for ways to move more freight faster without negatively impacting the transport networks.

How can Port connectivity reduce congestion?

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What's happening in ports

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