Trade Statistics

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Disclaimer: Whilst Ports Australia has exercised its best efforts, it cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the data contained herein or eliminate the possibility of anomalies having regard to system limitations impacting the ability to capture all required datasets during the reporting period.

As an island nation, Australia conducts 98% of its trade through Ports. They are a central part of our nation's supply chain. Ports Australia is proud to represent the diversity of our members' trade through this project which has been updated to now reflect trend data from recent years.

These Trade Statistics have been provided by Ports Australia's members who we thank for their contributions.

PLEASE NOTE: This portal has been created to provide individual port-specific data. While it has the option to do so, this resource is not recommended to collate whole-of-industry data as not all data sets or reporting periods have had input from every member port. For data which represents all-of-Australia trade throughput, we recommend using BITRE resources.

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