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Membership Overview

Ports Australia is the peak body representing the interests of the Australian port industry. It serves as the national voice and plays a crucial role in advocating for policies and initiatives that promote the growth and development of Australian ports.

Ports Australia currently has 21 full members, 45 associate members, and 10 international members. Ports Australia has 3 types of memberships:

- Full Members (Australian ports)
- Associate Members (goods and service providers)
- International Associate Member (international port members)

Ports Australia membership allows members to attend General Meetings, receive discounted registration at conferences, and access to working groups and associated networks.

The cost to join as an associate member is $6,600 inc. GST.

To join as an international member please contact us.



Access to the entire decision-making body in the Australian ports sector, raises your company’s profile with our port members. It entitles you to attend our general meetings of members and our functions which are attended by our CEOs and senior managers from across the nation.


The opportunity to present case studies to both our general meetings and working groups and in some cases to our Board.


Access to the 10 permanent working groups which address key areas of port business. These meetings are strongly attended by the port managers responsible for those key areas within our membership. The working groups also provide you with the opportunity to engage with regulatory agencies, departments and other relevant parties. The working groups form strong networks and your membership gives you access to these networks in key areas of port business.


Access to membership and working groups allows you to discuss and test project plans and implementation approaches to better tailor your services to the ports industry. It also provides access to a repository of sector knowledge and expertise.

Stay Updated

You receive information about current developments in regulations and statutes impacting on port business. Ports Australia is closely involved in the consultative processes involved in developing and improving regulations and we welcome your input to these processes. We facilitate engagement with government at both formal and informal level.


Ports Australia has developed a wide network within Commonwealth agencies and with Federal politicians. We are well regarded and have very good access to address issues of concern to members.


Registration at the member rate conference, your logo is placed prominently on our website with a linkage through to your website and we can provide you with access to other members.

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To be notified of upcoming working groups Members can log their interest by emailing and they will be added to the email distribution list. Members can also access a service to ask questions of relevance to other Members of a working group
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The Ports Australia membership has provided us with opportunities to learn from Port Asset and Engineering professionals about their capital investment planning challenges and goals.This information is important as it helps us shape our response to emerging issues, and frame what strategic asset management best practice looks like for the Ports sector.
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