Wharf Structures Condition Assessment Manual

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The Manual is a recognised asset management tool to help asset owners with consistent and repeatable inspections of a wide range of asset types including but not limited to:

- Wharves
- Piers
- Jetties
- Walkways
- Breakwaters
- Revetments
- Embankments
- And other fixed assets

It contains a condition inspection framework and guidance on the creation of a visual assessment tool, both of which are flexible for user customisation.

The Manual has been developed to promote the use of best practice methods for the inspection and condition assessment of wharf structures. It has been designed to enhance data collection efficiency and to assist in moving towards a consistent approach for condition assessment of wharf structures in Australia.

Key Points

Introduction to WSCAM
Condition Assessment Framework
Inspection Data Definition
Inspection Methods and Data Collection
Physical Assessment
Condition Information Review

Price Details

The price of the WSCAM will depend on the type and size of your organisation.
For consultants and contractors with 50 or more employees in the entire organisation the price is $3,000 plus GST.
For consultants and contractors with 49 or fewer employees in the entire organisation the price is $1,000 plus GST.
For educational institutions, asset owners, and other organisations the price is $700 plus GST.