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Our organisation offers a platform where members can engage in working groups, facilitating discussions on a wide range of topics including local, regional, and national issues. These groups serve as a valuable forum for constructive dialogue, enabling participants to collaborate, share insights, and work collectively towards solutions. By fostering these conversations, we empower our members to contribute effectively to the betterment of their industry, communities, regions, and the entire nation.
our committies

Ports Australia's committees encompass various aspects of running a port, addressing a wide range of functions.

Corporate Affairs and Communications
Focuses on communications that promote ports with consideration of effective strategies and mediums, key stakeholders, brand management, drivers, and data. Also considers internal corporate communication matters.

Chair: Gabrielle Last, Port Authority of NSW
Cyber Security
Focuses on identifying new trends and major issues that are or will potentially affect Australian ports as well as define best practice approaches and learnings, and to provide strategic guidance and information to Ports Australia to support their advocacy strategy if required.
Engineering and Asset Management
Focuses on infrastructure management and maintenance, construction and redevelopments at ports and considers the effectiveness of any overarching policies (e.g. Standards Australia) for port practitioners.

Chair: Carsten Varming, NSW Ports
Environment, Planning & Sustainability
Focuses on planning of ports and access management to the ports, environmental matters of the port (e.g. dredging, climate change, regulatory implications) and the surrounding environment affecting the port and vice versa. The Sustainability contingent focuses on how our member ports are planning their role in the sustainable future of the Australian supply chain.

Chairs: Christa Sams, Port Authority of NSW
Ryan Bennett, Port Authority of NSW
Focuses on logistic management and performance issues at the port, any relevant supply chain matters, and relevant regulatory issues.

Chair: Jarrad Cayzer, NSW Ports
Port Operations
Port Operations (includes the Hydrographic/Marine Surveyors sub-groups).Focuses on operations and navigation capabilities, management, regulation, safety, and ensuring the provisions of the National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies are effectively facilitated.

Chair, Savio Fernandes, Port of Fremantle
Port Security
Focuses on security management, operations, and regulations at ports.

Doug Hanshaw, Port Authority of NSW
Work Health and Safety
Focuses on the organisational management of health and safety of employees, contractors and visitors at ports, including incident reporting and relevant policy / legislative implications.

Chair: Paul Chapman

Our corporate service network

Accounting and Finance
Focuses on financial, economic, taxation, legal, insurance, audit and risk, and other governance matters relevant to Ports.

Chair: Elise Sagrestano, Flinders Ports Holdings
Jay Dhuldhoya, Port of Brisbane
Industrial Relations and Human Resources
Focuses on human resources policies and practices concerning remuneration, management and negotiations of EAs/EBAs, awards (including the protection of Port Authorities Modern Award), performance management, and changes in the industrial relations environment.

Chair: Clint Carlson, Southern Ports
Legal and Governance
Focuses on legislation and regulatory changes and adherence, approach to statutory processes and procedures in general, managing legislative compliance, privacy and risk management systems and processes.

Chair: Richard Donaldson, Pilbara Ports Authority