It's a shore thing shore power comes to Australia

International bulk ships and cruise vessels visiting Australia will have access to the world’s first 100 percent renewable energy precinct to be located in Sydney Harbor.

This precinct will have the world’s first bulk shipping precinct supply of shore power and the first in the southern hemisphere for cruise ships.

Ports Australia CEO Michael Gallacher welcomes today’s announcement and congratulates the NSW Government, Port Authority of NSW and industry on the work and investment made into shore power.

“With the cruise industry about to resume and 99 per cent of Australia’s trade coming through ports this announcement is a great start for shore power in Australia,” Mr Gallacher said.

“Ports around Australia, along with the Port Authority of NSW are making headways in moving towards a more sustainable future in Australia.

Shore power is the provision of shoreside electrical power to a ship at berth while its main auxiliary engines are shut down. This will reduce air pollution emissions associated with consumption of fuel.

Mr Gallacher said by utilising renewable energy, this precinct will also reduce greenhouse gases.

“Through the renewable energy precinct at Sydney’s Bays Port shore power will remove up to 14,000 tons of CO2 over a 12-month period,” Mr. Gallacher said.

This announcement is a perfect example how government and industry are partnering together and moving towards a sustainable future. Presently, 35% of cruise ships globally are fitted to use shore power and operators of cruise ships and bulk ships visiting Port Authority of NSW’s berths have pledged to retro fit or build ships with shore power capability.

Mr Gallacher said with this assurance we can expect to see more shore power precincts around Australia.