Ports Australia endorses ARCSOPT marine Pilot Transfer Arrangements – Technical Guidelines

The Ports Australia Board of Directors has endorsed the Pilot Transfer Arrangements – Guideline 03-23 (the Guideline) developed by The Association of Resource Companies, Ship Operators, Ports & Terminals (ARCSOPT). These guidelines aim to improve the safety of marine pilot transfer arrangements using pilot ladders, by bringing together the existing International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), International Maritime Organisation (IMO) circulars on marine pilot transfer arrangements and additional collaborative work across Australian Ports and Pilotage service providers to form an enhanced and standardised approach.

Ports Australia CEO, Mike Gallacher said the Guideline development was led by ARCSOPT and also included consultation withPorts Australia’s Port Operations and Innovation Working Group.

“This work was initiated in response to several incidents and near-misses in recent years, caused by inadequate and unsafe vessel pilot transfer systems; and is now being progressively adopted and implemented across Australia’s ports,” Mr Gallacher said.

As necessary, the Guideline will be reviewed and updated periodically to ensure that it reflects practical safety approaches in response to the current environment.

To view guidelines visit: https://arcsopt.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Technical-Guideline-03-23-Marine-Pilot-Transfer-Arrangements.pdf