Hubner Australia

1 Breakfast Creek Rd, Level 2 Pipeline Co-Work Newstead QLD 4006
Hubner Australia excels in delivering specialized solutions and high-quality products for Container and Bulk Ports throughout Australia and New Zealand, aligning with our dedication to enhancing port operations and safety standards. Our partnerships with leading European companies underscore our commitment to integrating advanced technologies and specialized expertise in the port industry. We collaborate with Hübner Giessen for unparalleled position and speed control systems; Lase GmbH for cutting-edge Lidar port automation technologies; Malmedie, offering expertly designed high torque couplings; EMG, known for their superior electromechanical thrusters; RFT RÖMER, specializing in advanced storm brakes, hydraulic buffers, and rail roller guides; Metagro for ergonomically designed port cabins and seating solutions; and Brosa, for precision machinery load cells. Our approach is deeply rooted in working collaboratively with end-users to ensure the delivery of products and solutions that not only adhere to but exceed the highest standards of quality and service. By leveraging our strong partnerships and a deep understanding of the port industry's challenges and opportunities, Hubner Australia is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that contribute to the efficiency and safety of port operations in Australia and New Zealand.

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