Pilbara Ports

Level 5/999 Hay St , Perth WA 6000
Pilbara Ports is the world’s largest bulk export port authority, encompassing the operating ports of Ashburton, Dampier, Port Hedland and Varanus Island. The ports of Dampier and Port Hedland are among the world’s largest bulk export ports, responsible for approximately 77 per cent of Australia’s, and 42 per cent of the world’s, iron ore trade. Other major export commodities include liquefied natural gas (LNG) and salt. Pilbara Ports Authority encompasses the: Port of Ashburton, Port of Dampier, Port of Port Hedland, Port of Varanus Island Oversees and the operation of the greenfield ports: Anketell, Balla Balla, Cape Preston, East Cape Preston, West Urala. Assumes oversight of Shipping and Pilotage Act 1967 (SPA) ports, including: Barrow Island, Cape Preston, Onslow Port, Walcott.
  • Salt    
  • Fuel and Chemicals    
  • Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Lithium    
  • Ammonium Fuel    
  • Containers