Advising Government

Ports Australia continually talks with the people running Ports all over the country. This forms our knowledge base for advising all levels of government.

Talking to Government

We support our membership by taking issues current and emerging to Australia's state and federal governments for the development of new policies and to improve existing policies and government operations.

Conversely, departments, regulators and ministers engage with us on proposed new policies and to understand operations at the port. We talk with departments, regulators and ministers about a wide array of challenges for our Ports and Australia so that together government and the ports can protect our borders, better manage the local environment, support maritime jobs, while ensuring safe, efficient and effective operations for trade.  

Our interests are in the national interest, and we believe that improving the regulation affecting Ports and the supply chains connecting Ports to the rest of Australia will benefit Australians given that over 98% of Australia's trade traverses our ports.

As well as engaging one on one we provide formal submissions to government inquiries and committees while providing broader policy positions for decision makers and thought leaders.

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Submissions to Government

We regularly submit papers to state and federal governments and relevant parliamentary committees.

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