Ports Australia is the primary voice of Australia’s ports sector speaking to government, industry and Australians about our Ports

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Ports Australia regularly run working groups mixing Port professionals, government and industry to discuss emerging issues and best practice. The information discussed and presented at these forums is fed into the policy work that Ports Australia undertakes.

Every second year we host The Biennial Ports Australia Conference, a two day event for leaders in the Ports and maritime services space to meet and discuss issues impacting the sector. In 2019 we will also host the first Australian Ports Operational Conference an event for all those working within the sector to share best practice.

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Policy, regulatory, taxation, administrative and funding priorities for Australian shipping

Australian shipping is on its last legs and requires significant legislative and policy changes for it to be a viable transport option when considering the management of Australia’s domestic freight task. This submission discusses some of the key factors that require consideration and outlines the benefits of increased shipping around Australia.

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We are the primary voice for the national Port sector to both elected parliamentary representatives and the government agencies sharing the responsibility of maritime matters. Through continuous conversations with government, we are able to inform and aid them on challenges facing the sector and nation.

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