Social media and our house rules

Social media house rules

Ports Australia maintains accounts across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn which are updated regularly with original and shared content. We love having the ability to share what's happening on a day-to-day basis, and we love you being able to engage with us!

Ports Australia welcomes all to engage in discussion, however the following criteria shows when we may step in to moderate and remove any post or comment that we deem:

  • inappropriate, offensive, abusive, discriminatory or threatening
  • misleading, deceptive, false, defamatory or libellous
  • overtly political or commercial in nature
  • uses profanities or offensive language
  • spam
  • trolling activity
  • shares personal or confidential information
  • violates any intellectual property rights
  • irrelevant to the subject nature of the post or of Ports Australia.

Anyone who continues to breach our house rules may also be blocked from our respective social media page.

If you come across any content you believe fails to comply with our house rules, we encourage you to let us know via