Wharf Structures Condition Assessment Manual

The manual provides guidance for the inspection of concrete, steel/coated steel, timber, and rubber wharf components.
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Members of Ports Australia have worked collaboratively to oversee the production of the Wharf Structures Condition Assessment Manual. The manual provides guidance for the inspection of concrete,steel/coated steel, timber, and rubber wharf components.

SMEC Australia was awarded the competitive tender to produce the Manual.  The manual underwent a constructive review process with 10 different consultants including: BCRC, AECOM, AMC, AZTEC, BMTJFA, GHD, Infracorr, KBR, and Worley Parsons.

The Manual has been developed to promote the use of best practice methods for the inspection and condition assessment of wharf structures.  The Manual is designed to enhance data collection efficiency and to assist in moving towards a consistent approach for condition assessment of wharf structures in Australia. 

It is also intended to provide guidance on common physical testing methods for marine structures.   It is intended that the outcome of these investigations will be used as part of an overall asset management strategy. 

The inspection and testing outcomes can be used in conjunction with structural, reliability, and risk assessments to enhance subsequent decision-making and to enable the asset owner’s overall asset management objectives to be achieved. 

The Manual consists of the following sections:

  • Preface
  • Part 1     – Basic Visual Assessment
  • Part 2     – Advanced Visual Assessment
  • Part 3     – Physical Assessment
  • Park 4     – References
  • Appendices;  


  • Excel spreadsheets – encoding tools.

The cost of the Manual is AUD $550 plus GST.   An electronic version of the Manual and spreadsheets will be made available upon receipt of funds via credit card (Visa or Mastercard only)or EFT.  Please provide company details and ABN so an invoice can be raised for the purchase.  All credit card purchases will incur a transaction fee.

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