Australia is an island nation relying on Ports to connect us with the world.

What do Ports do for you?

Trade stats

Ports Australia collect trade statistics from our members every year.

Trade Statistics
Trade stats
Trade stats

Ports bring the world to you

Almost all the world’s trade moves via the oceans on ships. Ports handle around 90% of the global trade. All the worlds vital raw materials like energy, metals and minerals travel through Ports as well as everyday consumer goods.

Ports take Australia to the world

As an island nation, Australia conducts 98% of its trade through Ports. Ports are central to Australia’s supply chain. Proper connections between Ports and the rest of the country reduce the cost of living for Australians and increase the competitiveness of our exports. Most consumer goods arrive in containers, this includes electronics, furniture, food and medicine.

Our Ports handle over 8 million containers every year. Five times more than 20 years ago.

Ports are part of everyday life

Everyday billions of dollars' worth of goods arrive in Australia through our Ports on their way to Australian homes and businesses.

Most imported goods Australians use are brought in through our Ports including cars, fuel, computers, electronics and medicine.

Most jobs also rely in some way on import and/or export trade. Examples include:

Imports: Construction, retail, fashion, manufacturing, IT, healthcare all rely on global imports.
Exports: Agriculture, energy, mining, manufacturing all rely on international exports.

What's happening in ports

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