Ports and sustainability

Australia’s Ports are part of Australia’s sustainability efforts for future generations.

Ports and a Sustainable Australia

Ports consider Australia's sustainability as core to our daily operations and when planning for the future. Ports nationwide are running projects and initiatives that are improving Australia for future generations. We've captured some of those efforts in a new report.

What we've achieved for sustainability

Ports see sustainability planning as essential to business success, to ensure we have an environment that is operational over the long-term and is supported by those we operate and interact with.  In September 2015, United Nations (UN) member states adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda.

The Australian government is committed to achieving the UN SDGs. Ports can contribute to our nation's commitment by demonstrating leadership in our operational environment to create positive change.

Located along Australia's coastline, we are the natural intersection between land and sea, providing intermodal pathways to service Australians. The community and natural environment are both crucial for Ports ongoing success. For daily life to continue uninterrupted, Ports must contribute to a healthy and sustainable operating environment.
Fostering a sustainable approach in our natural and human environments has required Ports to develop new ways of facilitating business and working with their communities. Australia’s ports can differ vastly due to the nature of their operations, geographic setting, trade opportunities and community settings. Therefore, sustainability efforts vary depending on the Port, their environment and community.

The World Ports Sustainability Program

The World Ports Sustainability Program (WPSP) is a coordinated effort by ports globally to ensure the sustainability of our planet through port activities. The WPSP framework builds on the UN sustainable development goals defining them into five themes. These themes have been used to group the work Ports have been carrying out across the country. In September 2018, Ports Australia was invited and officially became a partner of the WPSP, committing our efforts to supporting Australian ports implement this global framework.

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State-Wide Array Surveillance Program

Winner of the 2019 Australian Biosecurity Awards and a Golden Gecko for environmental excellence, The Pilbara Ports Authority working with the Western Australian Government pioneered a new method of early marine pest detection.

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